Apple has put an end to all the rumours and speculations going on about its next event by announcing the date for the same. The company has recently sent invitations to the media, announcing September 9th as the date when it will showcase its newest iPhone models. The event, taking placing on Wednesday in San Francisco, will start at noon. Apple has chosen the Bill Graham Civic as its auditorium for the purpose.


The invitations which Apple sent out to the world contain a colourful Apple logo, along with a catchy tagline or phrase. The tagline goes ‘Hey Siri, give us a hint.” What does that mean? We can guess all we want, but the truth is that, at this point, we do not really know. Only the event will unveil its true meaning.

The company is expected to show the world its latest offerings from the iPhone series in the event, most probably named iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. That is, assuming that Apple will go on to use its traditional naming style. Industry experts suggest that most features of the new phones will be similar to that available in the previous generation phones, with certain additions like A9 processor, better camera, and Force Touch.

Apple may also showcase a new version of its TV in the same event, but that is only an educated guess. If it does that, chances are the new TV will boast of a complete App Store, a fresh remote control, and interesting Siri Support.

We do not know what exactly is going to happen in the event, as the company has not released any specific details regarding the same, but one thing is sure: if you think that Siri will tell you what the ‘hint’ part really means, you are going to be disappointed this time!

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