The Mac Mini is certainly brilliant. Small, portable and yet it is able to perform at a level that is far superior to its mere size. However, in order to get the best out of it, it is important that you use the system with its display. If you use it without attaching it to the display, it may give you performance issues. That is, due to the GPU not getting activated, forcing its CPU to perform every bit of the task.

This becomes especially evident when you are accessing the Mini from a remote location. You may find that you experience a lot of interface lags, along with some choppy animations of the OS X. Sometimes, you may even witness that cursor movements are pretty slow. Plus, slow typing speed and menu navigation speed may cause you further headache.

Thankfully, OWC and Newer Technology have developed a really good solution to tackle the problem. It has unveiled its NewerTech Headless Mac Video Accelerator, which has the ability to connect with the help of the Thunderbolt port or mini-Display port of your Mac Pro, or via your Mini. Now, now you can easily make all your remote experiences awesome with the help of the HDMI port offered by your very own Mini.

Working with the NewerTech product is quite easy. You just have to plug the HDMI Headless Accelerator in order to get the GPU getting activated. You do not even need a display for the purpose. The whole thing emulates a resolution of as high as 1080p, which means that you get to work remotely exactly the way you love to. In other words, NewerTech has made it possible for you to work as smoothly as possible with your headless Mini.

But, how does the whole thing work and how can it even possibly help you?

Here is the video that gives you a very compelling first look of the device. In the video, you will find Chris S. of OWC give you a quick tour of the HDMI Video Accelerator. After you watch this video, you will understand exactly how the thing works and how it can really boost the performance of your Mac Mini! That is, of course, without you having to get into the hassle of connecting a display to it!

Sounds cool? It really is!