The wireless keyboard from Apple is one of the best keyboards available in the market, and that is evident from the fact that most Mac enthusiasts are very much fond of it. Still, the keyboard is not totally devoid of faults. To be more specific, the absence of one numeric keypad in it has been driving many Apple lovers crazy lately.

Of course, those who use their Mac only to browse the internet, or to chat via webcam, do not really need a numeric keypad. Having, or not having it, does not really make a difference for them. But, things are not so simple for those who are involved in finance professions. The same can be said about teachers, programmers, administrators and students. For them, having one numeric keypad to do their job quickly and efficiently is a must.

The good news is that the latest Wireless Aluminum Keypad released by NewerTech has the goal to fill the void for an Apple numeric keypad. It can loyally serve all MacBook users, as well as other Apple keyboard users, by fulfilling their need for a good numeric keypad.


In the video attached, OWC Erica gives you a great peek into the new Apple keyboard alternative, and explains to you how it can truly and essentially complement your Apple keyboard in times of need. After watching the video, you will realise that NewerTech has done a very good job this time. At this point, it appears that its latest offering is going to be a hit!