Adding RAM Memory and a second hard drive or SSD to the Macbook Pro Unibody Mid-2009 model is very easy. You’ll need some simple tools, correct Macbook Pro SSD and Macbook Pro RAM Memory upgrade from OWC and we then urge you to follow the videos or the Apple manual provided on the links below.

Please see our Apple RAM Memory for Macbook Pro page to locate your Apple compatible RAM upgrade for your Mac, and we’ll ship it fast from our warehouse in Victoria.

Recommended Tools for the upgrade:

– #00 Precision Philips Screwdriver – Economy
– Spudger – Apple Pry Tool Non-Marking – Nylon (Black Stick) – 922-5065

You will also find all of these tools plus more in the complete toolkit from Newertech under the following link: Newer Technology 14 Piece Tool Set

OWC Ram Memory Video Installation Guide for MacBook Pro (Mid 2009 to 2012) Models:

Add a second hard drive or SSD easily with the OWC Data Doubler. Here’s an instructional video from OWC: