Other World Computing recently added a new 10TB capacity for the Mercury Elite Pro line of external dual-bay high performance storage enclosures, in addition to OWC’s existing collection of Thunderbolt interface storage products.

High Performance Two-Bay Design

The drive is available in up to a 10TB total storage capacity, adding tremendous storage and throughput to any computer with a Thunderbolt. Applications such as A/V post-production, music, graphics, data management, and Time Machine backups are bolstered, with data boosted to sustained rates of 442MB/s to read and 424MB/s to write.

Flexible To Your Needs

The drive supports individual access for two previously installed drives. This provides hardware RAID and works nicely with RAID 0, RAID 1, Span and Independent Modes. You have the option of choosing the best combination of speed, storage room and performance to fulfill your needs.

Convenient, Flexible RAID Settings

The Mercury Elite Pro Dual comes equipped for Plug-and-Play use in RAID 0, allowing it to “stripe” information across the two drives to create the highest-speed backup possible. A selector switch allows you to move into three other modes; RAID 1(real-time writing of information for live activity redundancy); Span (combines both drives into a one convenient volume); and Independent Mode (manage booth drives individually).

Compatible With Brand-New and Older Macs and PCs

With a USB 3.0 port included with two Thunderbolt ports and high-quality cables, the drive is easy to install and ready to go for most older Macs, along with 2013 models, and a variety of PCs. Transfer speeds of up to 442MB/s are provided and can be moved to different systems. This takes advantage of both its supported interfaces and its interoperability, which provides maximum backup performance and flexibility.

There are six Prosumer Models available with this product :

There is also an “Add Your Own Drives”available.

All Pro Dual models come ready for use with connecting cables, a disk utility software bundle and an industry-leading three-year warranty.