Mozilla seems to be making good progress with the release of its iOS Firefox browser. The company recently launched a trial program for a limited period in New Zealand, in order to gather important data and eliminate any bugs present before the browser’s worldwide debut, which will take place in the later part of 2015.

The company announced the initial preview of the iOS Firefox browser through its blog on the 3rd of September. In the blog, the company noted that, apart from New Zealand, testing will take place in certain other countries too before the browser’s public launch.

Several different features are being tested by the Mozilla team, including Intelligent Search, which is a tool that provides relevant results to a user when the user searches for something with the help of the user’s selected providers. Other than that, Firefox Accounts are also on the Apple watch. Such accounts provide cross-device synchronisation of history, tabs and passwords, and also, portable account management feature.

Through its trials, Mozilla is collecting feedback from different users not only to fix bugs, but also to optimise the overall performance level of its new browser. The company is fully committed to launching its new product in the App Store by the year’s end. To make things easy for its users, Mozilla has provided an in-app system via which messages can be submitted directly.

When it comes to mobile web browsing, Apple Safari is the browser of choice for most users. Still, Firefox is a name that every desktop and laptop lover is familiar with, and so it can very strong impact the mobile world, too.

Interestingly, in the year 2013, Mozilla announced that it had no aspiration to build a Firefox version for the iOS platform until restrictions placed on web browsers sold via the Apple App Store were loosened a bit. It seems like the company eventually decided to backtrack.