Both the Apple Mac and the Personal Computer blueprint are doing away with optical drives. Computers are beginning to look different, instead of all the integrated equipment that one usually associates with a computer, computers are becoming merely screens, keyboards, a charging ports and one Universal Serial Bus (or USB) port. Some users may believe that they need nothing more. However, as with most technological ‘advances’, you may lose much by discarding the old completely and rushing to embrace the new and may want to add a little something to your cutting edge computing technology.

There is a way to enjoy using a computer, which combines the best of the old with some exciting new features. The Newer Tech Mini Stack MAX has an optical drive, which you can use as a Blu-ray DVD/CD drive. It also features an enclosure, housing a hard drive, with a huge capacity, a USB hub and an SD card reader. Those wanting storage, connectivity easy transfer for photos and video, simple plug and play, ability to quickly charge iPhones and other digital devices and the convenience of an optical drive will find it all in the Mini Stack MAX.

Although originally designed to accompany Apple Mac mini, the Mini stack MAX also offers personal computer owners similar advantages. It is small and compact. Its chic design complements any PC or Mac. The Mini Stack MAX allows you to completely reboot and back up your data. The three USB ports allow you to power and charge external digital devices and the SD card reader gives you a quick and easy way to transfer photographs and video from digital cameras or smart phones.

Owners of new computers, needing greater hard drive space, a DVD, CD, or Blu-ray computer connection or more ports would be advised to consider the Mini stack MAX. It provides the only four in one solution currently available. The Newer Tech Mini Stack MAX provides all the necessary technology in a compact, practical way. Personal computers and Macs continue to evolve and you can throw out the bathwater and keep the baby or in other words have the new technology along with the best of the old.