Once upon a time, Apple fans had to hunt for news and information in the dark recesses of the tech world, wait monthly for specialised magazines, and bear the brunt of many tech jokes. This was, for some of us, a difficult time.

Today, things are different.

Apple Inc. is now the biggest company in the world, and ‘news’ and opinions regarding their products and goings-on are plentiful. For those of us who felt shunned by mainstream tech society in the past, Apple’s current prominence can feel validating, but it does come at a cost. Where before we had to cherish what scant information we could find, hold secret Mac User meetings, and speak only in hushed whispers when around anyone from an I.T. Department, now we have an overabundance of information, and the difficulty lies in knowing where to spend our time and attention.

To help you sort through the glut, we’ve picked some of the most popular and reliable Apple-dedicated resources. From Apple products, to gaming, to education, to device security, each of these sources has something unique to help you be well informed, without being distracted by the noise.

To be clear, none of these sites is run by or affiliated with Apple – all of Apple’s official information can be found at Apple.com.

Apple News

The sites below bring you the most reliable news, and up-to-date rumours, relating to Apple. Many of them also feature product reviews, tutorials, ‘when to buy a new Mac’ guides, and other things that, as someone interested in Apple products, you will find interesting.


MacTech is an online magazine that has been in circulation since 1984. The magazine is distributed in about fifty countries and is a long-standing resource on the Macintosh technology. Its editorial coverage of Macintosh is on the advanced level, focused on the more technical news, and its readership includes professionals in the tech industry.


Former physician Arnold Kim founded MacRumors in 2008, aiming to help consumers decide on which Apple products to buy. The website gives a comprehensive summary of the features of the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac products, informative comparison charts, and regular updates regarding the industry scuttlebutt. Those who want to make sure they’re getting their money’s worth can also check out the site’s recommendations on Apple’s product cycles.


This long-running independent journal lists the best deals and bargains on your favourite Apple products and gives buying advice and handy tips to users. Apple experts on this site post analysis on the latest happenings at Apple – the people here have been reporting on Apple for a long time, so you can trust they know what they’re talking about.


In 2007, IT expert and former web developer Seth Weintraub decided to pursue a career in writing, spending the next three years covering Apple events and winning writing awards for Computerworld, a blog run by International Data Group (IDG), a leading international tech-media company. This stint led him to start 9to5Mac, a technology blog that delivers breaking news on all things Apple and aspires to be a major influencer in the ever-changing tech industry.

While not always the most accurate source for rumours, they are worth keeping an eye on for informed speculation and hot gossip.

Cult of Mac

The name says it all. Run by Apple experts from around the world, Cult of Mac publishes a weekly magazine, which you can subscribe to free of charge. Again, people who know their stuff and have been following this stuff for a long time.


While ‘iNames’ are going out of fashion, this group of Apple connoisseurs, led by Sebastien Page, talk about the latest in jailbreaking for Apple devices. They also write reviews on the jailbreak tweaks on iPod Touch, as well as iPad and iPhone. This might be a bit off the beaten path for some – especially if you have no interest in jailbreaking your Apple devices – but is a good resource for those who need it.

Photography professionals and enthusiasts will enjoy the blog’s section on ‘iPhoneography’, featuring apps and tutorials to help you take and edit photos using your iPhone.

OS X Daily

The OS X Daily blog provides software tips, Apple-industry news, and jailbreaking tricks, among others. This site provides a mix of professionally-sourced material, and the ability for readers to share your own Apple tips on the website.

Apple Insider

Those who are curious about virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) systems will have a field day on Apple Insider, which follows the rumours on VR and AR products and apps to be launched by Apple. The blog speculates on what are possible features of Apple’s VR and AR system and extensively monitors the development of the ARKit, a developer toolset by Apple that helps make AR apps. Another site known to be ‘creative’ with the rumours and speculation they publish, but still interesting to check out, with a grain of salt.


Taking pride in their thorough knowledge backed by research, Jignesh and Dvanesh Adhiya, the blog’s founders are dedicated to writing about, and providing solutions to, difficulties experienced by Apple users. Their how-to guides and software fixes are handy for those of us who end up providing tech support to our friends and family, and for those of us who sometimes need help ourselves! Readers can submit accessories and apps for review as well.

iPhone Life

If you’re stumped by the problems you’re having with your iPhone or iPad, iPhone Life is worth checking out. For a start, you can find daily tips to help you get the most out for your iPhone. If you don’t have lots of time to spend learning all the ins and outs of your phone, don’t worry, the videos are only a minute long!


Fitness enthusiasts will enjoy iLounge – it’s a great source for accessories to accompany and enhance Apple products, whether running, biking, hitting the nearest gym, or resting after doing all of it. As well as being a great resource for Apple accessories, iLounge also features courses on business, development, and IT and security.

The Mac Observer

The Mac Observer is another long-running and well-regarded Apple industry site. In addition to well written articles by professionals who have been around a long time, The Mac Observer has what it calls the ‘Apple Death Knell Counter’. This keeps track of the many times analysts, critics, and journalists have speculated that Apple is about to die as a company. Over 70 times so far.


Music should be enjoyed everywhere, especially in the comfort of your own home. At MacTrast, Apple users will find specs, release data, and prices on Apple’s home-music speaker, HomePod. Financial analysts and others who are following Apple on the stock market can check out MacTrast too, as it displays Apple’s stock figures in Nasdaq.


This online newsletter has been running for over 28 years – releasing a new issue every Monday night, and uploading new articles every day of the week – covering product tests and news in relation to Apple, the Mac, and technology in general. The ‘Just for Fun’ section presents interesting news on technology and influential people in technology. This newsletter is well worth signing up to.


As its name implies, UnlockBoot is a blog that caters to unlocking, or jailbreaking the iPhone. For those of you interested in jailbreaks, UnlockBoot has some of the most current news on jailbreaking applications, and provides tutorials on how to unlock your iOS device. Aside from that, the site has an IMEI checker, which iPhone owners can use to check that their device is not blacklisted, SIM locked, or reported as missing.

Mac Stories

A ‘newer’ Apple site (since 2009), Mac Stories is a great place for Apple news. If you’re interested in using an iPad as your primary computer, the site’s founder, Federico Viticci, is right at the cutting edge of what’s possible. It has new content every day, and is a true enthusiast site.


This blog stands out among the others on this list due to is being largely focused on art and photography, through the lens (pun intended) of an iPhone user. Aside from posting articles on photography with the use of an iPhone, Kirkville has an ‘Arts’ section, which is a treasure trove of blog owner Kirk McElhearn’s reviews on theatre performances around the world, and a ‘Books’ section, which features a lot of books on photography.

Six Colors

The blog name pays homage to the six colours in the Apple’s older ‘rainbow’ logo. From long time Macworld editor, and general Apple industry wizard, Jason Snell, this blog specialises in technology journalism, focusing on iOS, the Mac, Podcasting, and Mac photography – check it out.

In addition to the articles on the site, Six Colors also has a members-only Podcast, well worth the cost if you want to be in the know.

Apple Gazette

One more blog hovering in the Apple atmosphere is Apple Gazette, which has a weekly list of iOS apps you can download for free. As well as links to free goodies, the site also has a variety of regular posts about Apple-related news. Apple Gazette also discusses important legal concerns, such as piracy, in relation to Apple products.

The Loop

The Loop is a great source for Apple information, and also a great place for the intersection between Apple and music production. The site’s founder, Jim Dalrymple, has deep knowledge about Apple, and is a guitarist so the site often features reviews of music gear and software, alongside Apple news and info.

Mac Daily News

Mac Daily News acts as an aggregator, connecting and displaying news from many of the other sites above. Their blog also posts a good number of articles focusing on the financial aspects of Apple’s business. In addition to industry information, it also has consumer-based information, with top-ten lists of songs, movies, apps, and audiobooks you can download on your iDevice.

Macworld Australia

Macworld Australia is the Australian offshoot of Macworld magazine, with a focus on Australia. It covers key business factors in the world of Mac: workflow, security, communications, and productivity, in print and digital formats. Notable on its website is the app guide, helpful for new Apple customers looking for advice regarding apps to use on their Apple device.


This blog is a blog by and for gamers, reviewing apps, gear, and games fit for any Apple device. Macgasm’s ‘Lawlz’ section is a mixed bag of content, discussing a range of topics related to Apple, gaming, and everything in between.


Having started in 1995, MyMac is one of the forerunners of e-journalism, publishing news articles, reviews, and opinion articles for over twenty years now. In 2004, the were one of the first websites to product an accompanying podcast. MyMac is a good place to go for in-depth reviews of shipping products.

Funky Space Monkey

Design and coding go hand in hand with many discussions related to Apple. At Funky Space Monkey, you can find articles focusing on the design elements of tech gadgets, and an investigation into the software side of things.


Bare Feats

Real world speed test results for performance minded Apple Macintosh users.

iThink Different

iThink Different is named from the ‘Think Different’ advertising campaign Apple ran in 1997. The blog covers technology news on the many social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, and Snapchat, aside from delivering the usual fare of news on tech giants Apple, Google, and Microsoft. iThink Different also publishes reviews on the newest games for iOS and Android.

Above Avalon by Neil Cybart

Above Avalon, the brainchild of Neil Cybart, a former stock analyst, presents stock-focused analysis of Apple in Cybart’s weekly articles, looking more closely at Apple and the industry from the business and financial perspectives.

O’Grady’s PowerPage

O’Grady’s PowerPage started with blog owner Jason O’Grady trying to fix some problems with his PowerBook and a Global Village PC card modem, and publishing an article about it on a blog. That was December 1995.

More than twenty years later, PowerPage has become an established reference for troubleshooting gadgets. It also presents news on and analyses of local and global IT-industry trends and opportunities.


AppLecture keeps readers informed on Apple, its products, and partner companies while, at the same time, dissecting the most credible Apple rumours. Another site with a lot of info about Apple, and related industries like 3D printing.

iPhone Hacks

If you’re keen to get your hands on an iPhone X, or are simply just curious about the latest from Apple, head over to the iPhone Hacks news section for updates on the product, tricks, and tips. iPhone Hacks does more than the name suggests – it also covers news on the latest developments in the social media platforms, and mobile phone companies.


In 2007, iSource was launched as JustAnotheriPhoneBlog.com. Today, it continues to deliver industry news, rumours, tips, tricks, and device guides to the different Apple products.


This recent addition to the community of Apple-dedicated blogs and websites is composed of an editorial board whose members are all passionate about Apple. iFans may be fairly young, only having started in June 2017, but it is worth checking out.


Macdrifter has quite a good reach in terms of readership. It has an estimated 54,000 visitors, who make 100,000 monthly visits, resulting in 630,000 page views every month. Gabe Weatherhead, the site owner, writes all the content on Macdrifter and even creates some of the ads posted there.

Care iPhone

Java and WordPress-development expert Naresh Yalamanchi launched Care iPhone in January 2014 with the hope that consumers become well informed on the trends in the Apple industry. The site also makes recommendations on PC games and apps fit for your Mac.

The Apple Google

The Apple Google focuses on the happenings at Apple and Google and, interestingly, on the interplay between the two tech giants. The site is a haven for developers as it features interviews with top-notch developers of games and apps, delving into the creative process behind the apps and games and asking insightful questions about the developers themselves.

AppleTalk Australia

Mac and PC enthusiasts Benny Ling and Tony Nieboer have teamed up to create AppleTalk Australia, another Apple-dedicated website, writing product reviews and news and managing the site at the same time.
Profile features of Apple executives, as well as editorials and commentaries on Apple’s business strategies, are posted occasionally. AppleTalk Australia also has forums, where Apple users can share solutions, experiences, and problems related to (of course) Apple.

iPhone Savior by Ray Basile

iPhone Savior has an unorthodox approach to reporting on the Apple culture—it posts satirical news. There is the usual dose of serious reporting, for sure, but the irreverent humor in these troll posts does give readers an exercise in creativity and an exhilarating break from too-serious news. iPhone Savior also has an entire section dedicated to everything about Apple’s former CEO, Steve Jobs.

Apple iPhone Blog

This is another longtime follower of the Apple journey. Apple iPhone Blog, also known as Blogvasion, started its own journey in 2007 and has since been centering on Apple news and tips and tricks for gadget care, whether for computers, tablets, or smartphones.

All about Apple Blog

Bored with your iPhone? All about Apple Blog shares collections of wallpapers and themes that will spruce up your phone. It doesn’t matter what model your iPhone is. The wallpapers fit the screen of iPhone models still available on the market.

Two Guys and a Podcast

Business executives Mark Reschke and E. Werner Reschke collaborate to bring news from the various sectors of the IT industry and to provide product reviews and analyses on Apple-related topics. Two Guys and a Podcast really is about two guys who will air Podcasts on various Apple topics. The investment on all things Apple doesn’t stop there too. Mark owns Apple stock.

MacSurfer’s Headline News

Macsurfer Headline News (MHN) has a round-the-clock coverage of Apple happenings, updating its posts several times in a day, as it culls news reports from various media outlets around the world. MHN also shares links to the latest in the finance sector and other parts of the computer industry and commentaries and analyses on both Apple-related and non-Apple-related topics.

Reviews of Apple Apps and Games

Your time and money are important. Check these websites for the best and worst of Apple apps and games.

App Advice

App Advice does exactly what its name implies: it gives you advice on apps. Launched on July 10, 2008, the day Apple’s App Store was released, App Advice gives a run-down of top apps and games of the week and of the month.
It also lists the best apps you can use for iOS, Messages, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. App Advice enumerates free apps you can enjoy on iOS, as well as some great gadget deals and product reviews.


The blog claims to be ‘the largest site dedicated to iPhone and iPod touch gaming’. True to its word, TouchArcade religiously reviews a variety of games, complete with ratings that are regularly updated, screenshots from the game, product trailers, and forum discussions among users in the TouchArcade community. The blog also gives out promo codes for free.

148 Apps

Bargain hunters will be drawn to this site like bees would be to honey. 148 Apps keeps a close eye on the most recent price drops of iPhone and iPad apps and games in the App Store. New apps and games, as well as the top ones (free or paid), for the iPad, the Apple Watch, and Apple TV are also within the blog’s field of bargain vision.

App Picker

App Picker caters mostly to independent developers, but it certainly gains readership from nondevelopers too. The site has around three hundred thousand page views, not just from the United States, but other parts of the world as well. App Picker helps users find the best and newest apps for their gadgets.

Smart Apps for Kids

Apple gadgets are not just for entertainment or for business. Smart Apps for Kids offers apps that can help young learners study more effectively. The apps are sorted according to age-group and according to subject (e.g., math, science, handwriting). And because we live in a borderless world, Smart Apps also lists and reviews apps for a multilingual audience and for children with special needs. Free apps are also featured daily.

iPad Insight

If you’re feeling artsy-fartsy or if you really are the type with the artistic yet techy bent, take a look at iPad Insight, which is practically an online gallery of paintings done on the iPad using iOS apps.
Digital paintings from an international community of artists will make you marvel at how much art you can make with your iPad. You can also create a network with these artists as the links to their sites are mentioned in the blog posts.

Best Apps for Kids

Even educators acknowledge the potential of online learning. At Best Apps for Kids, mothers and educators test and review apps and websites, making sure that the children’s online learning environment is wholesome and informative. The blog cultivates an inclusive culture of learning, since it also features apps for children with autism.

Mac Gamer HQ

Ric Molina, the blog’s creator, is a hard-core gamer who envisions the optimum gaming experience on Mac for fellow gamers out there. Mac Gamer HQ features the top and latest games on Mac, handpicking only the ones worthy of your time, skills, and your Mac’s storage capacity and performance.

The iMum

Four blogger mothers come from different countries. They may have different parenting styles, but they all agree on one thing: educational apps should be exactly that—educational.
Alison, Amanda, Grace, and Mary, the mums behind The iMum blog, team up to test and review apps and technology products and to write articles that will make it easier for parents to decide which family-friendly apps to buy for their children.


In the digital jungle, there are just so many apps lurking, waiting to be discovered. The team at AppSafari, though, hunts around for the best apps for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod and gives unbiased reviews. AppSafari has been around since 2007. That’s ten years’ worth of observing and documenting the trends in apps development.

Apple ’n’ Apps

Apple ’n’ Apps features selections of the day’s and week’s apps to look out for or to get, as well as a roundup of the tips and tricks you can use to maximize your use of the iOS. The most compelling breaking news and features in all dimensions of the Apple universe are on the website too. Guest editors can post on Apple ’n’ Apps.


As long as there are phones, iPhones, to be precise, mobile gaming will never go out of style or run out of apps and upgrades. AppSpy is a definitive resource on the most recent releases of games for your iPhone and iPad. The games are categorized according to genre, and AppSpy (very thoughtfully) provides a wrap-up of every preview and review of games and apps.

Touch My Apps

Touch My Apps reviews every kind of app there is out there, whether it’s for the weather or a game. Non-game-based apps are rated according to their value for money, their features, and their interface. Games, on the other hand, are rated according to the following metrics: replay value, design, sound quality, and graphics.

Pocket Full of Apps

At the same time that he is a full-time university student and a part-time intern, computer technology major Aaron Whitfield is the CEO and owner of Pocket Full of Apps, which features product reviews, news, and even weekly tweak tips for jailbroken iPhones. Pocket Full of Apps is also a prime resource of infographics on Apple and mobile devices.

iPhone Apps Finder

You can find all sorts of things on the internet, and iPhone Apps Finder is no exception to that. The site features fitness apps, a treat for all gym rats and fans of a healthy lifestyle. But here’s an amusing discovery from one of the many reads in the Apps Finder blog. Do you know that there are dating apps you can install on your Apple Watch? You’ve definitely got time for love now.


iFanzine is a portmanteau word for iPhone fan magazine, and the site dedicates itself to the world of iOS gaming, featuring and reviewing indie apps or more-obscure games that are not covered by the more mainstream app-review sites. iFanzine supports indie developers and is a place where they can get their apps noticed by potential customers.

The iPhone App Review

The iPhone App Review makes its reviews based on the game’s or app’s features, value, game play, and concept and functionality. Stars are used for the ratings, and the reviewers explore the features that work well, the features that can be improved or tweaked, and the features that they like.

Bohemian Boomer

The wife-and-husband tandem of Jesse Mincey and Jeffrey Mincey is the creative genius behind Bohemian Boomer, which reviews Apple apps and, on occasion, compares them with competing products on the market. The Minceys are from the generation of the baby boomers, but they recognize that times are changing indeed and that Apple is a game changer in the technology industry.

Tips and Tutorials

Whether you’re a neophyte Apple user, a technophobe, or someone who loves tinkering with your gadget, learning little tips and tricks will make you enjoy using your Apple device even more.


MacMost posts video tutorials for those who use Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Gary Rosenzweig, the founder, also produces and hosts the Podcasts on the blog and wrote 101 Mac Tips: OS X & Safari, a guide on how to make your Mac work more efficiently. MacMost offers courses, which can be viewed on Udemy, on the many Mac apps available and walks students through the basics of these apps.

Siri User Guide

Siri, an intelligent digital assistant, completes the Apple experience by assisting users as they operate their Apple device through a series of voice commands. It all starts with ‘Hey, Siri’, but do you know that you can use Siri to post on Facebook and to navigate around Apple Music? Siri User Guide has tutorials on how to make the most out of Siri, whether for naming that tune that you’ve been LSS’ing to or translating that unfamiliar text.

Apple Toolbox

Apple Toolbox has published a substantive article on the brief history of Apple, a good jump-off point for those who are followers of the company vision and want to understand the ball game that Apple plays in the tech industry. The site has been mentioned by CNN, the New York Times, Forbes, and Reuters, among many other major media outfits.

How to iSolve

With the continuous stream of software updates and developments, Apple users will sometimes encounter difficulties in working their way through their Apple device. How to iSolve eliminates that dilemma by presenting solutions to common problems in iOS, iPads, and iPhones.

iPad Help

This website is devoted to troubleshooting problems in the iPad, but it came much earlier (2009) than the first iPad that was launched (2010). iPad Help also features accessories for the iPad and guides on how to make your iPad fully functional. It even has a list of iTunes errors and the solutions to them.

Apple iPhone School

The Apple iPhone School is an online learning environment of sorts and is suitable for Apple users of all ages. Video tutorials and Podcasts, app reviews, and online forums available in the Apple iPhone School are all aimed toward helping the users become better familiar with their Apple devices and making these devices perform better through quick modifications and fixes.

iPhone for Jailbreak

One popular concept that is associated with Apple products is jailbreaking, which involves the removal of certain restrictions in your iPhone so that you can download apps, extensions, and themes that are not available on the App Store. iPhone for Jailbreak lists the many methods you can jailbreak your iPhone, the news on the most current jailbreak software, and apps you can download so you can better customize your phone.

Beginners Mac Blog

Perhaps you’ve finally given in to popular appeal and snagged your very first Mac computer. Eventually, you realize that Apple is an entirely different (but amazing) species and that the operating system for Mac, MacOS, has its own sets of commands and functions. As a first-time Mac owner, you can get vital information from Beginners Mac Blog, which is replete with step-by-step instructions and screenshots.


In a world where gadgets function as if they were devices for life support, more so if they were Apple products, it is critical to provide utmost protection to them. A lot of average workers, small business, and big businesses rely on Apple products for their daily grind. The blogs below talk about security for Apple devices.


The Safe Mac

Security is always an issue when it comes to technology. Even MacOS suffers from malware problems. To counter this, Thomas Reed created The Safe Mac, a blog that educates readers on common issues that plague the MacOS: malware, adware, and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). Reed works with Malwarebytes, a company that specializes on protection solutions, and definitely takes MacOS protection seriously.

Secure Mac

Secure Mac is a security blog. It specializes on security news and industry news dedicated solely to Macintosh technology and products, providing users valuable information on the latest Mac security threats. Secure Mac has a comprehensive database of malware circulating on the internet.

Other Specials

There can never be too many Apple-dedicated blogs and resource pages. Here are more pages you can visit for specific Apple needs.

Daring Fireball

Daring Fireball is the creation of John Gruber and is the home of The Talk Show, an online program where Gruber and his guests dissect the various complex facets of Apple and the tech industry, as well as the many speculations and rumours on upcoming products and goings-on at Apple.

Mac Prices

Established in 1996 and composed of business and IT professionals and writers, Mac Prices helps consumers get the best deals on their Apple purchases by posting product specs guides, product reviews, and the most recent prices, painstakingly checking stocks and prices from vendors to ensure accurate information. The site also reports on market trends and news from the PC industry.

iOS Dev Weekly

Published every Friday, iOS Dev Weekly gathers news on the most recent in web development from multiple media sources. Each issue of this weekly digest is a gold mine of information for developers as they are treated to news and features on developer apps, events, tips and enhancements in coding, and even design how-tos.

Life in LoFi

iPhone and iPad shutterbugs and professional photographers will be delighted by Life in LoFi, a blog that commits itself to being an exhaustive guide on iPhoneography, which is simply the art of taking pictures using your iPhone. Marty Yawnick, the blog owner, shares his thoughts and expertise on iPhoneography, discussing the history of iPhoneography, listing the photo print sizes available, and reviewing and recommending apps that can be used for iPhoneography.

Insanely Mac

Insanely Mac is another place that the ever-growing Apple community can call home. The forums on this website tackle issues on iOS development and programming. Members also exchange ideas, tips, and secrets on everything Apple: gaming, apps, hardware, software, reviews. One forum in the website is the Marketplace, where members can trade, buy, swap, or sell their gadgets.

Mac Performance Guide

Lloyd Chambers is a seasoned photographer, using various film formats and lenses. With Mac Performance Guide, he talks about exclusive deals and news on Apple and Apple products, with photography pros and enthusiasts in mind.

iPhone JD

Jeff Richardson, a lawyer from New Orleans, Louisiana, is a longtime Apple user, buying his first one in 2008, the same year he started iPhone JD, a blog for attorneys who use the iPhone and the iPad. iPhone JD shares stories of lawyers who have used Apple devices for their work and has been thrice awarded by ABA Journal, American Bar Association’s magazine, as the best blog on legal technology.