At this point, we are certain that the next Apple press event will take place on 9th of September in San Francisco. The event, occurring at the stadium called Bill Graham Civic, will be streamed live starting 10am. Here, we take a few guesses regarding what may really be unveiled in the event.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Through the past couple of years, Apple has announced its new iPhone models during the early part of September, unleashing the models for sale after nearly 10 days from announcement date. This time, we expect the same to happen.

Sources suggest that the iPhone 6s will not have a drastically different design from its predecessor.

According to all the rumors going on, in terms of size and weight, the 6s will resemble the 6, and the 6s Plus the 6 Plus. Also, the new models are expected to feature A9 processor, and 2GB RAM. Other than that, most believe that there will be Force Touch, along with improved FaceTime and iSight for the front and rear camera, respectively.

One particular rumor has to say that the new phones will come packed with even ‘selfie flash’! Other than that, since many people noted that the Apple 6 phones could bend when reasonable pressure was applied, the fresh models will most likely contain tougher 7000 series aluminum as body material.

Chances are, the new phones will come with more reliable cellular chips for better and faster phone reception. Apple may even announce one rose gold colored case. Not just that, some believe that the upcoming models will feature animation wallpapers, like those available in the Apple Watch.


Apple’s new TV

Other than the new 6 phones, we believe that we will see a fresh Apple TV. According to rumors from several sources, the new TV will contain A8 as its processor and come with lots of space for storage. It may even feature a case that is iPhone-like and a remote that is touch-based. Expected to come with an App Store of its own, the TV is likely to give Siri support and eventually unleash ‘a la carter’ services.

Honestly, we do not believe that the new TV will come with a remote. That is because most Apple TV users have iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches. So, it does not make sense for the company to lose profits by bundling a remote for no reason. Besides, Siri support itself will allow a fascinating level of control. The tagline ‘Hey Siri, give us a hint’ perhaps refers to just that!

The venue in which the event will take place contains 7,000 or so seats, and Apple is going to close down the front street near it. Also, Apple has recently released its HomeKit compatible automation devices. So, perhaps, it is possible that its new TV will be able to act as one home automation hub, too, along with acting as one entertainment hub. Note that every HomeKit accessory can be controlled using Siri, which means that Apple may want to highlight all its home automation expectations using a building toward the auditorium’s front.


Shipping date for the iOS 9

People in the industry will be totally shocked if the fresh iPhones do not feature iOS 9. That means, you can expect to hear the shipping date for the same mobile OS during the event. Most probably, the shipping date will fall between 9th of September and 18th. We feel that the date will be 16th, two days prior to the fresh phones entering the market.


Shipping date for the OS X El Capitan

Apple has traditionally highlighted different products during its events, even when not releasing them directly. So, OS X EI Capitan may get highlighted during the event, as it seems to be fast moving toward its shipping date. It may even get shipped during the same week when the iOS 9 does. But then, Apple may postpone the date a bit to avoid putting too much pressure on its upgrade servers.


Watch OS 2 shipping details

Many developers are eagerly waiting for Apple to announce its Watch OS 2, to show the world their wonderful apps. So, Apple may want to unveil its Watch OS 2 on 9th of September to not disappoint them.

New iPad

The iPad will most probably receive a remarkable update at the event. But then, it is very unlikely that a new iPad version will be announced during the same. That is because Apple has traditionally held an October event solely to release iPads. Having said that, if an iPad Air or Mini ends up being unveiled it will possibly feature quicker processor and Force Touch. Also, may come with a USB-C common connector, moving a bit closer to iPhones. 

iPad Pro

Whether the iPad Pro will actually be announced or not cannot be said with certainly. But, if Apple ends up announcing it, then most probably it will contain a retina display of size 12.9 inches and a stylus having Force Touch. And also, the A9 processor!

Fresh Macs

Data shows that PC sales are falling, and the sales of Macs are increasing. So, Apple may highly benefit from announcing one or two new desktops and laptops, especially that school time is quickly approaching. However, that may not exactly happen, for a reason.

Intel has not yet finished tuning up its Skylake processor. So, Apple may decide to wait for a few months, and then announce its new attractions. Skylake is making headlines as it is going to provide benefits like reduced consumption of power, smaller motherboard use, drastic performance enhancement, and others. Skylake may even make it possible for Macs to connect to 4Ks and other similar displays without any cable, with the help of its wireless transfer technology, called WiGig.

Regardless, when fresh Macs finally enter the market, one model will very likely feature no less than 21 inch retina display. Other than that, 13 inch and 15 inch MacBook Pros may come with USB-C. 

What are you expecting from the event?

All the ideas and expectations expressed in this post take as basis leaks, rumors and the overall direction toward which Apple seems to be heading. But, it is always fun and enlightening to know what you readers think about the event and expect to see in it. Let us know with the help of comments!